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Over the past 10 years, Bitcoin (BTC) has beaten out all over asset classes by at least a factor of 10.

The milestone was noted by Compound Capital Advisors’ CEO and founder, Charlie Bilello, who compiled the performances of the top asset classes using data from YCharts.

Responding to the findings, Messari researcher Roberto Talamas highlighted that Bitcoin has produced an average annualized return of 230% — more than 10 times higher than the second-ranked asset class.

The Nasdaq 100 Index ranked second with an annualized return of 20%, followed by U.S. large caps — shares in United States-based…

On February 7, we discovered a breach of our customers’ data at KeepChange. Besides, Bitcoin withdrawal requests were initiated from customer accounts to an address belonging to attackers. One of our control subsystems kicked in and stopped those withdrawal requests, and no Bitcoin is stolen from KeepChange.

Hackers have stolen part of our customers’ data, including email address, name, trade count, total traded amount, and password in the hashed form.

Even though passwords were hashed and they are very unlikely to be retrieved from the hashed form, we recommend changing your password as soon as possible. …

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May 12, is the date for the next reward halving in Bitcoin network. This event has a deep effect on Bitcoin directly, and all other cryptocurrencies indirectly. We will review past halving events to better understand this one, but first let’s review Bitcoin block reward itself.

Bitcoin has a genius idea of “mining”. A process where new Bitcoins are generated and become available in the network. Nobody can add/generate/bring Bitcoin from outside of the network. All Bitcoin are mined at some point. When miners confirm Bitcoin transactions and put them in a block, only one of them will be rewarded…

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From now on, the best buyer and seller of a day who has the most trade amount in the last 24 hours will receive a badge. These traders will have their offer on the top of the lists, above all other offers.

This can bring them even more opportunities to have more trades, because of their great performance on the market.

The best traders will receive this distinctive badge as a bonus because of having more trades on the site than other traders. This badge will be given in each currency and based on the type of offer. So a trader might receive the “Best Buyer” badge in USD, and also receive the “Best Seller” badge in EUR.

Currently only one trader will receive this badge in each category.

KeepChange is an OTC Bitcoin marketplace. We want to invite Nigerian users to have more trades in Naira. As an incentive, we will give 0.005 BTC to the user who has an active offer, and also has the most trade volume in a week. This program is currently planned for two weeks. (Update: This program has been extended for two more months)

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How to win?

  1. You need to have an active offer in NGN (learn more about how to create a new offer).
  2. You should have the most trade volume among all traders on NGN in the week.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. We will give 0.005 BTC…

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2020 is here and it might be one of the most important years in the history of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin reward halving is going to happen in May. From then on, Bitcoin supply will be much less and that might increase the price. As a result, new waves of buyers might begin to buy Bitcoin. Moreover, this might push the price to new levels, maybe even to the moon! Yet, the price might not increase, or even decrease due to some other unknown parameter that nobody is aware of. Future is unpredictable and that is what makes it exciting.

Still, we…

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Based on your feedback, from now on, You can trust or block users either using the feedback form or by viewing their profile page.


If you want to restrict some users from sending a trade request to your offer because of any reason, you can block them.

Trade with Trusted Only

For more private trades you are able to create an offer for users who you had marked them as trusted.

Min. Transaction Limit

The minimum amount of trade increased to 0.001 BTC and the trades below this amount will be removed from the site. Moreover, if you have an offer with a minimum bellow 0.001 BTC, it will be deactivated and you need to update it.

Keep Trading

KeepChange will give away 0.01 Bitcoin during this black Friday. To take part, you need to share this campaign on your twitter account.

How to win?

  1. Follow us on twitter: @keepchange_io
  2. Tweet about “Buying Bitcoin”
  3. You have to put your KeepChange referral invitation link in your post.
  4. Use hashtag #KeepChangeBlackFriday

Terms and Conditions

  1. All users can join the competition.
  2. We will give away 0.001 BTC to each of 10 most liked post by different users.
  3. The reward will be sent to winner’s KeepChange wallet after the end of campaign (2019/12/03).
  4. KeepChange reserves the right to disqualify candidates that are believed to be cheating.

KeepChange Referral Invitation link

You can find…

By connecting your account to KeepChangeBot, you will receive timely notifications. These notifications include new trades started with you, any change in the status of your open trades, and of course any new chat messages received in any of your trades.

To activate it, just log in to your account at Then choose “Integration” from the menu. Choose “Telegram” and click next. Then click on the “Connect” button. Finally, when Telegram opened a chat with the bot, click on the “Start” button.

On a side note, we have considered sending SMS notifications, but ultimately dropped it. The reason was…

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One of the consequences of Bitcoin and blockchain is that people are responsible for the security of their accounts. With fiat money, banks are mostly responsible for the security of their customers. Although putting this responsibility on banks is easier, printing money ultimately leads to inflation and loss of value. Effectively a little piece of your money is stolen everyday when kept in fiat currencies like US Dollar or British Pound.

When you keep your funds in Bitcoin, users should take the responsibility and secure their own accounts. You have to learn and follow some best practices to increase the…

KeepChange is a Bitcoin Exchange market, focused on individuals buying and selling Bitcoin directly from each other in a private and secure manner.

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